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The combination of bespoke cabinetry and Interior Design has seen the union of Kelly Creations.

A New and exciting concept joining the two to create a unique service.

Residential or commercial we can offer bespoke cabinetry and furniture and surround it with the latest styles in interior design for a look perfectly suited to the individual. We also offer a range of made to order furniture for Children! Furniture, fun and functional that helping kids to explore their imaginations.

We are also very committed to creating environments for children with special needs. The quiet box a custom made space, can be constructed on a big or small scale! this space is designed especially for the individual sensory sound, and allows kids to be at ease in their own space. Surrounded by their favourite and treasured possessions.

Carpentry services are also available and connection to all associated trade can be organised and coordinated to complete your renovation, new build or re design.


  • Ballinglanna, Glanmire, Co. Cork
  • Ian - 087 401 6826
  • Sinead - 087 401 6825

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